Booklets & Extended Content Labels

More Space for More Information

Sometimes a label needs to be more than a label. And for that we have booklets, IRCs, 2-Ply, Peel-Reseal and the list of extended content label types goes on and on. We will work with you to determine the best fit for your application to drive sales success.

Multi-page Booklets

Booklet or extended content labels solve a variety of demands for extended informational space for a wide range of markets by provided additional space through the use of multiple pages. Booklet labels are perfect for pharmaceutical, chemical, or any product that requires extensive government-mandated information.

Two-ply Labels

Perfect for products that require additional space for content, 2-ply labels use the surface space of a single label allowing you to double or triple your printable area. 

Instant Redeemable Coupons

IRCs are a savvy way to extend your brand and encourage impulse purchases. Used for savings, cross-promotion, or to cross-sell other products; coupons are an easy campaign to stand out from the competition on the shelf. With their added flexibility and convenience, IRCs have the highest redemption rate of any type coupon. 

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