Sustainability at Fortis

sustainable packaging production

Sustainability is part of us.

From the way we run our business, to the products we sell.

As a company, Fortis Solutions Group’s goal is to implement sustainability practices that help reduce our carbon footprint and minimize our environmental footprint.

We have implemented goals and practices towards reducing waste and using energy more efficiently; preventing or controlling pollution; reducing water consumption; and training our team for environmental awareness.

We will continue to push ourselves with sustainable targets which touch on every aspect of our business.

Your brand and packaging.

Product packaging is at the forefront of any sustainability discussion today. Brand owners and retailers are sensitive to the environmental impact of packaging and consumers want the minimal amount of packaging as a means to reduce solid waste. 

We have invested considerable research and development into developing viable sustainable solutions for our customers’ packaging. We are at the forefront of testing new materials and methods and we maintain close relationships with our material vendors to source and promote renewable materials.

We are members of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, which is a leader in advocating for sustainable packaging.

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