The Importance of Flexible Packaging Pouch Integrity Testing

Flexible packaging pouches are no longer an innovative package; they are everywhere! From food to chemicals, pouches are a standard format for packaging. There are many advantages to using flexible packaging pouches: it’s lightweight and easy to transport; it’s simpler to construct than more traditional forms of packaging like glass and metal, which, in turn, reduces the amount of carbon emissions during production; and it provides an excellent canvas for marketing.

As the use of pouches for packaging increases and high-speed pouching equipment becomes the norm, ensuring seal integrity is critical to protecting the product within. The primary goal of packaging is to safeguard the product throughout the supply chain to the consumer. Your packaging supplier should be performing mechanical testing throughout the pouch production process.

Fortis Solutions Group uses equipment that employ vacuum to test for any package leakage and seal integrity for flexible packaging pouches. Throughout the production run, samples are placed in water, and vacuum is employed. As the vacuum pressure grows, bubbles will indicate any poor pouch seal, allowing machine operators to correct seal settings. All our manufacturing locations that produce flexible packaging pouches are equipped with this testing tool and follow standard procedures for vacuum leak testing.

Seal Testing

A second series of testing that occurs during flexible packaging pouch manufacturing is drop testing. Pouches are filled with the exact weight as stated on the package and dropped from a height of 4 feet to simulate what environmental conditions the package may undergo. The package must retain integrity for two drops to indicate that the pouch seals can withstand the distribution system. The drop test is performed throughout the pouch production run.

Both vacuum and drop testing ensure your package provides the protection required throughout the supply chain, enabling it to stand on the shelf and attract consumer’s attention.

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