Renew™ Sustainable Packaging

Supporting the Circular Economy

Fortis Solutions Group is proud to feature sustainable packaging solutions across our product lines. Our Renew line of products is available as pressure sensitive labels, flexible packaging, pouches, shrink sleeves, and folding carton formats.

Sustainable Flexible Packaging

Recycled Content

A post-consumer recycled (PCR) content package is a simple choice to begin your sustainable packaging journey.

Food contact approved, PCR packaging provide the same performance as conventional materials while saving energy and reducing waste. 

Added bonus: use of recycled materials in packaging increased demand for recycled materials! You can read more here.

Recyclable Materials

Comprised of a single material type, recyclable flexible packaging structures in this category can be recycled at store drop off locations. The material structure is approved to carry the How2Recycle label which provides consumers clear and detailed instructions for recycling. Fortis Solutions Group can guide you through the process to be approved to add the label to your packaging.

Sourced from Renewable Resources

Flexible packaging films are traditionally sourced from fossil fuels, but in recent years many advancements have been madeusing non-traditional materials for flexible packaging. A simple sustainable choice would be to select a post-consumer paper layer in your package. We also offer certified compostable layers sourced from non-GMO resources that can replace a standard film material.

After 20 years developing flexible packaging structures to meet our customer requirements, Fortis is well prepared to develop a sustainable package material for you that will protect the prodcut within and the planet as well.

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Standard pressure-sensitive labels limit PET recyclability into food-grade recycled PET due to adhesive and ink contamination. With Fortis Solutions Group’s RENEW™ family of products you now can support the circular economy with a pressure sensitive label that washes off during the recycling process.

The label utilizes a water-based adhesive which separates cleanly from the substrate in the water bath stage at the recycler. This enables the label and adhesive to cleanly separate from the PET flake resulting in pure recycled PET flakes, the conservation of virgin PET resources and less landfill waste. 

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