Renew – Wash off labels for PET containers

Did you know there is a new pressure sensitive label that is approved by the Association of Plastic Recyclers?

Fortis Solutions Group can support your move into this sustainable option for your labels on PET clamshells.

Well-designed packaging takes into account the overall lifecycle impact of all packaging components. Utilizing a pressure sensitive label that will wash off during the container recycling process increases the amount of good PET material available for re-use.

We can support your move to the wash-off label through testing and certification. Our sustainable experts can guide you through the process including how to get a How2Recycle label for your packaging.

With Fortis Solutions Group Renew™ label solution you now can provide a brandable, sustainable labeling solution for your PET containers.

Making Pressure Sensitive Labels Happen

  • Film, foil or paper prime product labels
  • Up to 10 colors and rotary screen printing
  • Extended label content & Instant-redeemable coupons
  • Outdoor exposure and durable goods labels
  • Specialty materials and laminations for unique applications

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