Post Consumer Recycled Flexible Packaging

A recycled content flexible packaging structure is a simple choice to begin your sustainable packaging journey. PCR materials can be used in bar wraps, pouches, and many other packaging formats.

Consumers are naturally concerned about the environmental effects of packaging, but packaging provides the valuable functions of protection, containment, and convenience. Well designed packaging takes into account the overall lifecycle impact including avoiding waste of the product itself. A sustainable package could be defined as one with the lowest environmental impact that still provides the functionality and performance required to market the product within.

With our RENEW™ family of products you now have the ability to provide an FDA approved, brandable, sustainable packaging solution while protecting your product within.

All the layers in this structure contain post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic, providing brand owners with a FDA approved, sustainable pouch that performs as well as one made from virgin plastic materials.

The use of post-consumer recycled materials:

    • Saves energy and resources

    • Reduces waste to landfills

    • Prevents pollution

    • Increases demand for recycled materials

By using more PCR materials, you are inspiring others to do the same while improving the recycling supply chain and creating more demand for using recycled materials in the marketplace.

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chocolate bar wraps
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Making Custom Flexible Packaging Happen

  • Up to 10 colors and high definition printing that exceeds your expectations
  • Creative and innovative flexible packaging constructions produced in our plants with the latest materials, coatings, and laminating technologies
  • Paper, film, and multi-layer substrates available

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