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candy wrapper production

A label is a label is a label. Unfortunately, not. Every application requires a set of
questions to be answered to determine the best label for your product.

When specifying a label, it’s best to start with “what do I want the label to do?” for
example: I want it to be automatically applied to a plastic tub and then frozen. After use, I want the label to be cleanly removed for easy recycling of the container. Or, I need a label to be stuck to a cardboard box so that it can be shipped to China.

Once you know all that you want the label to do, you can start answering the questions that will determine the face stock, adhesive, liner and finishing method.

• What does the label stick to? Wood, paper, corrugated box, glass, plastic?
• What is the shape of the container? Flat, round, tapered?
• Is the surface smooth, rough, how rough?
• What temperature is the container at the time of application? Ambient,
refrigerated, frozen?
• Are there any additional conditions? Wet, frosty, dusty?
• Will the labels be applied by hand, label gun, or machine?
• Will the unwind direction matter? Which side needs to lead off of the edge of the
• If it is machine applied, will it be high speed and need a special liner?
• How does the label need to perform? Last forever, be removable, survive harsh
• Are there any special features needed? Barcode Peel outs, non-adhesive areas,

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