Cold Seal Flexible Packaging

Adhesive Options for Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging with a cold seal adhesive is ideal for high-speed packaging environments with significant volume demands and is the favored choice for bar wraps, confectionery, and frozen foods.

Cold Seal Flexible Packaging
Cold Seal Adhesive is perfect for bar wraps!

Fortis Solutions Group now brings you the fast-processing option for some of your flexible packaging needs. We’ve added cold seal adhesives, so your production lines will run at top speed.

A cold seal adhesive bonds to itself, and since cold seal does not need dwell time to create the bond, line speeds are much faster than heat seal adhesive. 

The bond forms adhesive-to-adhesive with no heat required, and bond strength can be adjusted as necessary by adhesive type and coating weight. The adhesive is applied to the flexible packaging structure by utilizing a gravure roll with a distinct pattern and then immediately dried. 

Cold seal adhesives are often chosen over heat seal adhesives for their exponential line speed increase over heat seal adhesives, making them a favored choice for confectionery and other heat-sensitive products, such as frozen items.

Layers of cold seal flexible packaging

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