What Is A Dieline And Why Do I Need It?

A dieline serves as the template for how the final packaging will be printed and formed to contain your product.

Maybe you have a package you really like that you want to replicate. We can take that package apart and determine where the folds are and where graphics can be located. If you have an existing dieline we will look it over and make sure nothing is missing which may cause manufacturing problems. If you don’t have an existing package or dieline, we will work with you and your co-packer to define the optimal dieline for your product.

As you can imagine, this process has to take into account what equipment the product will be packaged on, so we work closely with equipment manufacturers or co-packers during this step.

For example, there are little boxes on all packaging called “eyemarks” (see illustration.) They serve to tell the packaging equipment when to cut the film. Eyemarks differ in size, location, and color depending on the equipment and graphics.

If you are developing a new product and already working with a graphic designer, be sure to involve the printer and packager early in the process. That way we can ensure the design “fits” the dieline!

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