5 Reasons to Consider a Bar Wrap Redesign

granola bar wrappers

Changing your package design is a decision not to be taken lightly. Here are some areas you might want to consider before moving forward with a redesign.

  1.  Ingredient change. You will have changes to your packaging with a formula change or updated nutrition panel so why not plan a package redesign? You might want to illustrate your clean ingredients by adding a QR code so the consumer can get further ingredient information.
  2. Design Direction. What appeals to consumers changes over time. Maybe it’s time for your packaging to undergo a change to gain attention on the shelf. Don’t feel like you to have to abandon everything you love about your current package — try for an evolution rather than revolution!
  3. Brand Disconnect. Does your packaging reflect your brand personality? Is your brand fun, hip and sustainable but your packaging looks old-fashioned? Or vice-versa? A design refresh can utilize packaging to tell your brand story to those who connect with it.
  4. Muddled Message. Your brand message may be getting lost on your package. What is it that makes your bar different? Define that and make it the center of your redesign.
  5. New Package Materials. A brand redesign is the perfect time to rethink your packaging materials. The wide range of materials and finishing options available should spark your creativity. Matte, gloss, kraft paper, window, no window. Set your design free!

And here is a great example of a redesign done right.

chocolate bar wraps

Along with a complete re-brand, Kate’s Real Food changed to a matte bar wrap material to showcase the brand message of only using natural, familiar, simple ingredients.

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