Sustainable Packaging

What is sustainable packaging?

We define sustainable packaging as the one with the lowest environmental impact that still provides the functionality and performance required to protect and market the product within.

The Purpose of Packaging

With all the discussion, images, and editorials about the problem with packaging, it’s important to remember that packaging serves many valuable uses.  Most important is to protect the investment inherent in the finished product offered for sale.  Waste and damaged products mean our resources have been wasted too.

Fortis Solutions Group offers sustainable packaging options in three categories to contribute to your brand’s sustainability goals.

Sustainably Sourced Packaging

Packaging that some of all of the parts are sourced from renewable resources. Your package could have a layer of post-consumer recycled paper, post-consumer waste film, or materials sourced from renewable resources such as corn, sugar cane, or eucalyptus trees.

Packaging That Aids Recycling

While recycling in the United States has made strides in the past decade, it is still a system with major flaws and should be considered just one avenue of supporting packaging sustainability. 

Fortis Solutions Group offers packaging that supports consumer recycling for PET containers and flexible packaging pouches.

Compostable Packaging

Our compostable packaging is made from individually certified compostable materials, the final package is not certified. The brand would need to invest in testing to achieve certification. If the decision is made to use compostable materials, but not pursue certification, your packaging is still sourced from sustainable materials.

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