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Meat, poultry, fish, and alternative protein products continue to be consumer favorites; driving demand and keeping the protein industry growing. Fortis Solutions Group’s extensive experience working with protein markets means we understand the manufacturing and supply chain challenges. We offer both short-run digital and long-run flexographic printing solutions.

Label Quality & Performance

Most food packaging in this market can experience a range of environmental conditions such as freezer or wet situations. You want your label to continue to provide the consumer with the information they need, withstand. Fortis offers both facestock and adhesive solutions to meet whatever requirement you might have, and if we don’t we can develop one with you!

Coupons & Booklets

Adding coupons or booklets to your packaging will extend your brand connection with consumers.  Booklets can contain recipes, health information, or transparency details. Instant redeemable coupons are a savvy way to extend your brand and encourage impulse purchases. Used for savings, cross-promotion, or to cross-sell other products; coupons are an easy campaign to stand out from the competition on the shelf.

Flexible Packaging & Pouches

Flexible packaging and stand up pouches are popular choices for many protein products; both in the freezer and on the shelf. With a wide range of material types, Fortis can provide packaging that spotlights your brand messages of quality and freshness.

Folding Cartons, Sleeves & Inserts

Perfect for a wide range of applications in protein markets, paperboard cartons and sleeves provide product information along with packaging convenience to the consumer.

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